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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

BMW 740d – Go ahead and cheat - she won’t suspect a thing!

Talking about having a cake and eating it too! The 7-series BMW is an imposing macho car. It’s large, it’s heavy, it’s fast and it’s expensive. A perfect tool to elbow your way through traffic for arrogant middle-aged and older men who’ve “made it”. The bimmer’s interior is humongous; the rear seat is good enough for a limo and the front seats are not seats; they are thrones!

The car is so over-engineered that it makes the driver feel like he owns the road. Hence no-signaling, cutting off, speeding, tail gating and other traffic sins are common for the slightly overweight and balding 57-year old guy wearing a Canali suit and a Tom Ford shirt, who is usually behind the wheel of the car.

That’s not the kind of image that I would like to portray, but I just love the car! The good news about it is that it’s arguably the largest sedan that drives like a sports car half its size and weight. And according to Car and Driver the diesel version of it is coming to North America. With any luck the Bavarian wurst devouring product planners will include Canada in their North America. The gasoline V8 powered car is a thirsty, premium fuel drinking machine and the diesel equipped seven should cut your fuel expenses by almost half.

And the best part about it is that the car is quiet inside and has enough torque to move it at breath-taking speeds, so your passenger doesn’t have to know you’re cutting corners.

Just make sure you fill the car up before you shower and change. Diesel fuel doesn’t wash off easily if spilled and you don’t want any diesel fumes lingering over the candle-lit table in your favorite little uptown restaurant, where you (and many other dirty old men) always take their impressionable gold-digging young dates.    

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