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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The girls from Montreal and the HTT Pléthore LC-750

I don’t know how I could possibly forget about this striking machine I first saw at the 2011 Toronto Auto Show I attended with my son Daniel. I always meant to follow up on it and somehow never did until today, when cleaning up some of the older pictures on my work computer.

Well, it turns out that the company that builds the car has had quite a history over the last couple of years, but miraculously survived! The crazy entrepreneurs and car nuts that usually build machines like this don’t survive for very long, but these guys did!

The prototype of the car debuted at the 2007 Montreal Auto Show with a supercharged 6.2L 750 hp V8 shown next to it. A high performance 1,100 hp version would also be offered. The chassis is exceptionally rigid and light weight, since car’s body is made entirely out of carbon fiber with no metal subframe.

Daniel and the LC-750

The creators of the car, Sébastien Forest and Carl Descoteaux, both from Montreal, even looked for investors on CBC's The Dragon's Den in February 2011, and almost secured a deal, but it fell through after mechanical problems during a test drive. Another entrepreneur stepped in after seeing the show, joined the adventure and saved the company.

The car’s construction, outrageous styling and driver’s centre seating position definitely set it apart from other “regular” exotics. Light, sub-2,500 lbs weight, almost perfect weight distribution and a powerful motor combine for a 2.8 s 0 – 60 mph time and a shocking 247 mph (395 km/h) top speed.
Congratulations Sébastien and Carl for a job well done. I know where you got the inspiration for the LC-750’s sexy styling. I’ve been to Montreal more than a few times and, boy of boy, the sights can make your head spin, if you know what I mean.

HTT Supercar

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