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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who needs Santa with a deal so sweet?

A couple of my colleagues in the office told me about this before, but I haven’t had to do a Jetta lease for a while and I had to run the numbers a few times for myself, because I couldn’t believe my eyes. Volkswagen is giving the Jetta away these days! The 2013 model year Jetta has been around now for a few weeks or so and the lease deals on it are great!

Mainly because of great residual values for leasing contracts, the numbers are very favorable. The leases on the Jetta start at only $185 per month and that’s tax inclusive and only the first month’s payment on delivery (there is also a security deposit and a small PPSA fee, but that’s negligible).

Just think about this number. If you add about $140/month for fuel, $150/month for insurance and $25/month for maintenance for an average driver, that’s $500/month with all your vehicle expenses included! Not bad for a new car under full warranty and with roadside assistance!

Even the top of the line Jetta TDI Highline with the ultra-efficient diesel engine, leather, automatic transmission and Technology Package (includes a navigation system) would cost $455/month, tax in  with $0 down. And that’s a really nice family car.

Call me if you need one. I might as well get a Santa uniform. Anyone know any reindeer?

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  1. :) Liked the humor in your post, and loved the idea of your post. I liked the car and will get it too :)


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