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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Volkswagen GTI and my life as a car broker

The beginning of this November will mark the eighth year since I got into the automotive brokerage business. Going into the independent sales business has been one of the most difficult life lessons for me. Car business is cutthroat, and only tough people make it long-term. My personality seemed at odds with this obvious reality, but I stuck with it. Yet, the experience has been very rewarding. If anything, the knowledge of how the market works, consumer behavior, and manufacturers’ marketing strategies, have nicely complemented my technical knowledge about cars and how they perform.

I’m renewing my commitment to this blog with the nice picture of the Volkswagen GTI, one of my favorite cars ever, for many reasons. If you want to experience this fantastic car, you can have a 2017 VW GTI starting from $407/month, $700 up front, all in, no games! Cheers!

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