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Monday, April 22, 2013

The new Golf GTI: VW will make us wait until next year, but it may just be worth it.

I wrote about the Golf R a while back (this also applies to the GTI):”As far as I’m concerned it’s a perfect package for a grown-up and divorced enthusiast. It has enough room for the fearless pilot and three buddies to go to a party, and enough for a long road trip for him and his romantic co-pilot, or to pick up the kids for the weekend. Not enough room for the ex or the mountains of things she used to always take with her, thank God.”

A smart-ass and arrogant comment (typical of me, I’m being told), but the fact is, I just love the GTI and the new one is promising to be the best one ever and far superior to its competition in overall balance.

The new car, which is wider, longer and lighter, will serve up the usual GTI goodies: a perfect driving position with excellent seats, balanced handling with strong grip, powerful and easily modulated brakes, and quick and precise steering. Add a comfortable and relatively roomy cabin, good fuel economy, and it’s one of the most sensible offerings from any maker to a salivating mouth-breathing car nut like me.

The car's main strengths are the lack of torque steer and the very balanced and forgiving chassis. The lack of torque steer makes it enjoyable to whip the car hard thorough corners and remain smooth at the same time, even for a limited-skill pilot like myself. The lack of talent and lack of accumulated track time will not stop an ambitious, but lacking driver from enjoying very high velocities on twisty roads either, since the car’s chassis is so forgiving.

Comfortable, practical and it won’t kill you even of you go way, way too fast into a corner. Even a brainless maniac can have some fun with this car without hurting others. Sounds like a perfect car for this over-confident and over-ambitious driver!

Car and Driver :2015 Volkswagen GTI

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