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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Will Honda miss the mark with the new Accord?

I was really hoping for a strong design from Honda for its new Accord - dynamically and stylistically. The current car, as nice as it was, was generic in detail and its proportions were off quite a bit, with large overhangs and heavy, bloated appearance. The car was still a decent and comfortable performer, so it continued to sell well while drawing on its reputation a bit.

The first indication that Honda wasn’t going after Hyundai and Kia with the new design was the update of the Civic last year. The car’s exterior was only mildly changed and its interior is bland with acres of cheap plastic.

The new Accord still seems bloated, in my opinion. The front end is again generic and a little boring Honda, while the rear looks like the Hyundai Genesis sedan and seems just as heavy. Side character lines are confusing to me, with the lower one rising sharply upwards at the rear wheel – something I hate and something that is getting popular these days. The interior will only be a mildly refreshed version of the current car.

Dynamically, although the new car will get more power, it will also get a CVT transmission with the 4-cylinder engine, making the V6 the only true performer with an automatic. We’ll have to wait to drive the new car, but it looks like we’re only getting more of the same. It may be a good thing for some people.

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