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Thursday, February 16, 2012

J D Power and Associates 2012 US Vehicle Dependability Study

Lexus finished first in this year’s Vehicle Dependability Study of 12 month car ownership for the 2009 model year. The list is predictably similar to previous ones. I always find the VW’s position puzzling, since I’ve had several over the years and found them relatively trouble free over the long term. My last Jetta TDI covered over 220,000 km with four minor issues and never left me stranded. I’m also curious why there are any luxury brands close to the bottom of the list at all. Premium pricing should make premium reliability a must. Overall the industry made huge improvements, even the Chrysler brands reducing the number of reported problems, although no other brands are behind them. Something tells me Land rover would probably be behind Chrysler if they were ranked.

It’s funny that a totally boring Lexus brand is on the top and the most exiting, BMW, in 20th place. Are cars like people; the most boring are the most dependable? I think Lexus and BMW should merge and we would have the best of both worlds. But wait, we already have a BMW-Lexus combo; it’s called Mercedes-Benz.

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