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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

BMW: The power of the spinning propeller

Every BMW is a driver’s car. The Bavarian machines provide a balance of comfort, performance and style few individual models from other brands can match. I have to admit that it’s been one of my favorite brands. I love the 7-series cars and the new 6-series coupe makes me stare and drool over it like a little kid. Even the older cars remain very sexy and desirable. We have a 2005 645i coupe here (priced at a very reasonable $27,000) that I keep staring at and tripping over my own feet it every time I walk by.

How strong is the lust for the blue and white propeller on the hood? Well, just ask Mr. Howard Ipp, the CEO of United Messengers Ltd. He’s been driving a 2009 335 xDrive sedan for three years now. His lease is up and he’s considering another 335! What’s wrong with that, you ask? Well Mr. Ipp has been stranded by his broken down BMW sedan three times. He’s had resolved and unresolved issues with the car at a couple Toronto area dealerships too many times to count. A few times the dealers were unable to diagnose problems. The car is still not right, but Mr. Ipp still loves it! His beautiful wife Amelia was sensible enough to buy a Mercedes-Benz, but Howard wants another bimmer!

Our white 645i appeared to be in very good shape when it was traded-in, and it went in for just a routine check up. We were stuck with a $4,500 repair bill for a variety of sensors and system replacements.

The 750 still makes my top-five list, but BMW should beware: At their current pricing levels, quality control should be the top priority. And if they want to improve their dealer service, buy a few Lexus sedans for their execs and let them learn how it’s done.

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