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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

VW Freedriving Tour

Last Sunday I attended the Freedriving Tour at Toronto’s Exhibition Place. The track was short and fairly demanding for novices, but instructors very relaxed (urging me to give it more gas on a couple of occasions). I took advice from the young hostess to practice on lesser cars before I turn my lust to the GTI (not her words, she actually mentioned “learning the track”).

I drove the Jetta first. Very smooth and forgiving, with good grip and excellent steering, but a little too much body roll. Not bad for an affordable family sedan. The Tiguan was almost as competent, but with more body roll, dive under braking and slower responding transmission. Roomy interior, comfortable seats and excellent visibility are the Tiguan advantages.

The GTI is better than ever! Smooth, responsive and comfortable. It’s better looking now too, inside and out!
While waiting in lines to drive the cars, I heard more than once people say that they would actually consider VW now that they drove the cars.
The staff was helpful, cold water and snacks provided. We’ll see you next year VW!

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