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Friday, March 7, 2014

2014 Toronto Auto Show Part 1 – Where are the pretty girls?

I don’t have to give you a warning that this content will be politically incorrect, since you probably guessed this already. Yes, yes, I know it’s 2014 and I know that women rule now, but I still miss the good looking models at auto shows. They seem to have them at Geneva and other exotic places, but here in cold Toronto – nooooooooooo… Forbidden!

Let me tell you, auto industry and local dealers: good looking people bring excitement and freshness to any display. They also attract a young crowd and sales!!! Look at the women ruled (with an iron fist, I might add) fashion/cosmetics industry! Nothing, but pretty young models in their ads! Bring Chippendale dancers if you want to even out the playing field, for all I care, but don’t take our show girls away!

I found one at the Hyundai display (bravo, Hyundai!). She was young, dignified and elegant. And very helpful! See!!! This doesn’t have to be sexist! You can disguise it in some way and still leave us old slobbering fools with unused testosterone something to admire!

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