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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

American Monsters – is ultra-macho sexy?

Although I have full respect for solid American iron, I’m not a huge fan. Raw power and size appeal to me only to a point. I wouldn’t mind having the new Corvette in my garage and the new GMC Sierra pickup would prove quite useful and enjoyable during my summer cottage escapades.

Other large American iron leaves me cold. I grew up in a driving environment that gave preference to light weight, good handling, good grip and smart packaging. There is a huge difference between a VW GTI and a Ford Mustang. Although both cars are designed to inject some fun into the driving experience, the philosophy behind their designs is totally different.

A couple of weeks ago two vehicles arrived on our lot via a trade (for a B7 Alpina, no less!!!) and a strange thing happen. Initially I ignored these two bad boys. I would walk by purposely not looking and ignored most of my colleagues’ comments about the shameless machismo on display.

Then I took a closer look. They look mean, imposing and tough the way a heavy-weight boxing champion does. They make you instinctively get out of the way and make room in front of you when they change lanes. On the surface, there is no hint of any sexuality or sensuality about these monsters. Take a longer, closer look though, and some magical force draws you nearer and deeper into their dark soul.

Are these monsters sexy?

2010 Ford F-250 4x4 Harley-Davidson Turbo Diesel
44,000 km $43,000 + HST

2012 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
580 HP, 7,400 km, $50,000 + HST

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