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Friday, April 12, 2013

The BMW 760Li: Extravagant and modest – a contradiction?

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for the 7-series BMW sedan. “The BMW 7-series was always one of my favorite large sedans, ever since I first spotted a 728i parked in front of the Pichlmüle hotel in the small and beautifully situated village of Nußdorf am Attersee in Oberöstereich [Upper Austria].” – I wrote on these pages a while back.

Now, I’m not necessary a fan of the drivers of these big and fast sedans, as I also wrote a while back: “The 7-series BMW is an imposing macho car. It’s large, it’s heavy, it’s fast and it’s expensive. A perfect tool to elbow your way through traffic for arrogant middle-aged and older men who’ve “made it”.”

The 12-cylider, 6.0-liter, 535 hp 760Li costs almost exactly $200,000 and apart from one minor and one major option (BMW Apps and Bang & Olufsen sound ) comes fully loaded here in Canada. That’s pretty extravagant, if you ask me. Who needs V-12 power, when there are several other powerful versions of the car available (including the sizzling hot Alpina B7)?

Well, if you had to ask, you never had any gasoline flowing in your veins. V-12 engines offer turbine–like smoothness and a heavy punch at any speed. This sedan will eat most sports cars for breakfast, pamper you with luxury and give your right foot intoxicating power and responsiveness to lust for.

So where is the modesty in all this, you ask? Well, the 7-series has a powerful stance, but relatively subdued styling. When you see the car go by, it’s not immediately apparent that it’s a 100K + sedan. You have to take a second look. That’s somewhat modest.

But this car is twice as expensive as the base 740, while essentially looking the same. And not a single V-12 badge to be found anywhere on the car to give anyone a hint about the extra 100 large you spent on this machine. Now, that’s modest.


  1. BMW 760Li is a luxurious sedan which is a combination of luxury and quality utility results into the ultimate driving experience.It is a sedan of the upper class which looks classy and stunning.

  2. Where can i find these car engine complete overview to check its performance details

    1. Not many reviews available yet. The Car and Driver link gives a good overview.