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Monday, March 25, 2013

What is happening to our drivers?

We were on my balcony last Sunday afternoon, enjoying the relatively nice weather, when my friend said: “What a pig! Look at this, the guy just emptied the garbage from his car right out on the street when he stopped at the stop sign!” I looked over at the nearby stop sign intersection and, sure enough, there were a few empty drink containers and some other garbage laying on the street in the middle of the intersection and a mid-size family sedan speeding  away.

I’ve seem this many times before. For some reason the most popular spot for people to throw out their car garbage is on highway off-ramps controlled by traffic lights. People drive on the 401, get off, stop at the lights and decide that this is a perfect spot to get rid of their trash. It’s a mystery to me, but the side of the road at these spots is usually blanketed with litter.

Another day, a few months ago and on my balcony again, I saw a taxi driver, who was waiting for his fare on our driveway, decide to clean his car and deposit all his garbage on our lawn. Now, for a professional driver to decide do leave his trash on customer’s property is beyond stupid. What motivates these people? What do they think? Aren’t they embarrassed or afraid that somebody might see them?

This may be a sign of old age, but I remember when I first came to Toronto more than 30 years ago the sides of the highways were squeaky clean and the grass always mowed. I guess those days are over, but with the proliferation of cell phone cameras we should be snapping pictures of these idiots and publishing them somewhere. Anyone has any ideas?

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  1. Excellent subject Derek, Yes I agree 100% the off-ramps controlled by traffic lights sitting waiting for a green light you can't help but notice the garbage, some of these exits have posted signs $500. fine but the garbage still accumulates.

    Solutions become the question, and I hope you will get input from others so this thread may escalate to a point where some of those useless meatheads elected will take notice. Here is just one suggestion.

    Pick two or three of the worse locations on a trial run and install a camera hook up to the traffic light that will become active when red, there may be 10 cars monitored but as each one passed a certain point the licence plate will be recorded,,, just like when you enter the 407 Hwy.

    Revenue will outweigh the cost factor, that is if those clowns don't decide a study survey must first happen at a cost of thousand upon thousand of dollars.

    Have a Blessed day
    From the computer of
    Ray Paulsen ^_^