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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The best theft recovery system on the market!

Are you concerned about your vehicle being stolen? Do you carry valuable professional tools or equipment in your vehicle? We can now offer the most successful theft recovery system in the world.
LoJack is a self powered (it’s not connected to your car’s power supply) theft recovery system that covers your vehicle for 7 years. LoJack uses a proven and proprietary technology operating on a radio frequency exclusive for the recovery of stolen vehicles.
When a vehicle equipped with a LoJack system is stolen, the vehicle’s owner alerts local law enforcement. Once the police enter the car into a national data base, a silent signal is automatically sent out that activates the LoJack transceiver hidden in the stolen vehicle. Using special tracking technology donated by LoJack for police cars and aviation units, police officers can quickly track and recover the vehicle.
The base LoJack is available for only $599 + HST, with no additional monitoring, installation or other fees. It guarantees recovery within 30 days, or your money back.

You can also purchase a premium level of protection for $999 + HST. This guarantees recovery within 48 hours. You also get a key fob with your system. If the key fob and your car are separated and your cars starts moving, you are notified instantly.

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