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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Paradise Valley, Arizona dream house with an attached dream garage…

This guy’s garage is truly amazing. It’s nice to see wealthy men like Jay Leno or Craig Jackson here show their true enthusiast blood. If I were in Mr. Jackson’s shoes, my collection wouldn’t be nearly as rich as far dollar value, but it would have just as many cars. It would lack the Bugatti Veyron (a little over the top for me), many of the expensive one-off collector cars and most of the muscle cars (I have a lot of respect for muscle cars, I’m just not a big fan).

My list would include cars like the original 911 Turbo, Lancia Stratos, 1966 Lincoln Continental four-door convertible and Lamborghini Espada among others. My respect for American raw power would materialize in the form of the Shelby Cobra 427 like the model here on my desk.

It would be quite a mix, that garage of mine. One day…

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