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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Is the new Jetta as much of a bargain as advertised?

I’m sure you’ve seen the TV commercials with a woman shopping for steaks in a butcher shop only to ask the butcher if the Jetta hanging on the wall was fresh. “Just came in yesterday”, says the butcher, “$14,990 a piece. Real nice”. Other ads feature the $168 per month 36 month Jetta lease.

Is the Jetta a true bargain? The base model, although lacking air conditioning and remote entry among other amenities, still offers excellent value for money, considering the available room, comfort and safety features. Better equipped cars creep up in price a bit, but the air conditioned Trendline+ car with Automatic Transmission and Connectivity Package can still be yours for under 20K + tax.

Just ask Heather. She picked up her new Jetta on January 2nd and it was my first car delivered in 2013. I’m not telling what kind of a deal we worked out for Heather, but let’s just say some of us spend more monthly on Rogers. Congrats Heather! Enjoy your new Jetta!

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