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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Heartless GM betrays a successful dealer and his customers

Mark Heitz, a Chevrolet dealer in Oklahoma who grew up on a dairy farm in Norman, was forced to sell his popular and beautiful log store after General Motors decided it was not "an image compliant facility".

The dealership looks like a Bass Pro Shops outlet and features a 45-foot waterfall, giant aquarium for local game fish, imprints of animal tracks on the showroom floor, two dog runs, a picnic area and animal statues.

The store has been a big hit and a destination for picnickers and outdoor enthusiasts, not just car shoppers. Heitz, who held charitable events on the grounds, said of the sale: "This way we didn't have to give up our principles for the money." And about GM's current direction: "I'm not a big fan of GM right now and the guys making decisions there. My guess is they won't be around to see the results of their actions."

Way to go General Motors! I guess the stiff bureaucracy is firmly in charge in Detroit again and the new General is the old General again.

Autoutomotive News: How GM lost an Oklahoma dealer

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