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Monday, October 1, 2012

Naked women and tires.


The European tire giant Pirelli has been publishing a limited edition calendar since 1964. The controversial publication has featured many daring photographs including pictures of women in various stages of undress and full frontal nudity.
Despite the controversy Pirelli stuck to their guns and hired top photographers, actresses and models for their publication.

Among this year’s featured women is Milla Jovovich, who appears fully nude in the calendar. "There's sex appeal, there's innocence, there's intimacy, there's sensuality - there's so many emotions happening but, in the end, you get that one shot, that magical, decisive moment." said Milla of the nudity. Sure, Milla. I got very emotional and had a “decisive moment” when viewing your pictures as well.

The 2012 calendar also features full-frontal nude shots of Italian actress Margareth Made, Dutch supermodel Lara Stone and famous Kate Moss. The calendar was shot by Italian photographer Mario Sorrenti on the Mediterranean island of Corsica.

The calendar is hardly known here in prudish North America and Pirelli makes no effort to change that. Sex sells, but at corporate level it can be a dangerous game. You can show beautiful young bodies, but  there can be no direct sexual overtones. You have to cover up with people exercising, running, washing themselves etc. to avoid sparking a feminist outrage that can very easily put you out of business, or slow down sales for a few months. The matriarchs have long memories and an army of human rights commissions to back them up. Unless of course you’re selling cosmetics or clothes; you can go nuts on the sexual overtones then.

Personally, I like the calendar, but don’t particularly care for the models. I don’t see why we have to glorify those funny walking and skinny, anorexic ghosts, while there is natural beauty to be enjoyed everywhere. But yours truly is toiling here for your benefit, dear reader. So here are some nice shots and a link I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

Warning! Sexual content! If you are under 18 do not follow this link.


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