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Friday, July 13, 2012

Distracted driving laws cause more harm than good

National Post: Distracted driving laws cause more harm than good

Photo: National Post

As usual, enforcement is the biggest problem. Because of the difficulty of enforcing this law when it’s being broken in the most dangerous situations, the cops do it when it’s easiest for them; at red lights and in similar situations, when people are standing still and it’s easy to nab them. The problem is you are punishing the most “sensible” of the law breakers. Increasing penalties to draconian levels wouldn’t work as intended either for the same reasons.

There was never any need for this law. Careless driving should have been used all along. This would give cops and courts discretion and provide grave enough penalties for deterrent.

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  1. Good notice! It's dangerous for both; the drivers and the passengers so following the traffic rules is better and should be obligatory for all. Thanks for the concern.
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