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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Chevrolet Volt update

Chevrolet Volt
I’ve got to say I’m mighty proud of delivering the first electric car in our office. So far we’ve got three electrics delivered, with Barry delivering a Nissan Leaf and Ron just making one of his clients very happy with a new Fisker not too long ago.

Nissan Leaf
Neil Cawse of Geotab Inc. picked up his car from us last November and I just got a short update on the Volt from him:

“Derek, it’s been good. No problems at all and no service needed to date - I guess that’s the advantage of electric :) I think I’ve used a total of 200 liters and drove 10000kms or so.”

I don’t think people gave GM enough credit for the Volt. Everyone expected the car to bomb, but it’s proving to be the best electric out there.

Fisker Karma

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