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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The new GTI Cabriolet: VW better bring it to North America!

Photos: Auto Motor und Sport

"Our goal is to make Volkswagen the number-one automaker by 2018, economically and ecologically," VW brand development director Ulrich Hackenberg said. In order to accomplish that, VW would need to more than triple its current North American sales.

My advice to VW (and I’m a long time fan) is that they better bring cars like the new GTI Cabriolet here! Get serious about us VW! We want a diesel in the Tiguan, the Scirocco, the pick up truck (with diesel!), the Jetta Alltract TDI and the Passat Wagon TDI.

Improve customer service by letting dealers make a little more money and stop charging so much for some of the dealer-only parts!

Voila! Mr. Hackenberg, you can send my consulting fee cheque to my office. I’m only charging CDN $100,000. Peanuts compared to what the rimless-bespectacled, smart looking mature men in nice Canali suits charge in Wolfsburg.


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