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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reasonable Speed Limits: The outrage at City Hall

While the people at stop100.ca managed to get some media attention recently with their campaign for reasonable speed limits, the politicians and the bureaucrats at City Hall showed once again how much they respect the people of this great city.

Everybody else is talking about more reasonable, slightly higher speed limits and they are actually going ahead with a pilot project to lower the speed limits on city streets. This after our chief health expert Dr. David McKeown’s recommended lowering speed limits by 10 – 20 km/h on city streets in his “Road to Health: Improving Walking and Cycling in Toronto” report. You know: “If it only saves one life”. 

Toronto mayor Rob Ford said reducing speeds limit is “nuts, nuts, nuts, nuts”. I agree. The way drivers are treated by the police, politicians and planners in this city is borderline criminal. One day the patient and forgiving taxpayers of this city will wake up and heads will roll. I can’t wait.

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