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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ministry of Transportation: the arrogance continues…

Photo: Inhabitat

We all know that the car hating automatons at the Ministry of Transportation and OPP love to harass drivers across Ontario in the name of safety and environmental protection. But why make things difficult for a green cause?

Marcelo Da Luz, a Toronto environmental activist, drove his solar-powered car for more than 38,000 kilometers, including two trips to the Arctic Circle. He was, however, forbidden by the Ontario government from driving his car on Ontario roads, the only jurisdiction where he faced such a prohibition. When the geniuses at MTO told him he couldn't drive, he used a special harness to pull the 250-kilogram car from Niagara Falls to Toronto and then Ottawa.

Marcello and his hand-built car set a number of records, including the world distance record for a car powered entirely by the sun. "I want to inspire people to take ownership, to take responsibility on the individual level to do what we can to help the environment," Mr. Da Luz said. Obviously the cement heads at MTO, with our car hating Transportation Minister Chiarelli at the helm, disagree.

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