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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pedestrians in Toronto

I have a beef to pick with pedestrians in our beloved city (that’s right you snobs in Vancouver; some of us love this city!). They are very spoiled and think they can just step off the curb in front of cars any time they feel like it.
Most of the time, I don’t have a huge issue with that. All it takes is a gentle squeeze on the brake pedal and I can stop the car and let the attractive wom… I mean the dazed pedestrian cross the street. But these self-absorbed risk takers should know that they would be run over in most parts of this crazy planet. They have it good here and the drivers seem to be in on the game plan. So are the police actually. They let them do whatever they want, except when they have their seasonal safety “blitzes”.
Why do these jaywalkers spoil the party for everybody when the weather turns ugly then? The more snow or rain and the darker the streets the worse they seem to behave, jumping in front of cars like they were moose on Highway 60 in the middle of the mating season.
And they pay the price. Last fall and winter there were numerous accidents and many pedestrians injured and killed in this city. We know it’s cold and windy out there at times, but please don’t ruin your own racket you have running in this town.

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