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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Jeep Wrangler Apache

I’m not a big Jeep person, but I do have a friend – Jacko, who used to be a hard-core off-roader and I had the pleasure of being scared to death and shaken unconscious by him on a couple of occasions. He is off-roader no more, as his then girlfriend ordered his 4x4 sold. Now he doesn’t have a girlfriend or his X-Terra anymore.

He did, however, just purchase a Honda 400 XR trail motorcycle and we had it tested last weekend. It is a great experience to ride a bike like that on a trail without licenses,  police, insurance companies or other safety Nazis looking over your shoulder. We are planning to get a couple of more bikes like that and do some serious trail riding. I will keep you posted.

Back to the Jeep. Like I mentioned already, I’m not a big fan, but there is something about this beast that makes you take notice. Just look at the wheels, the thick roll bars and the lift kit. If Chrysler would only put a decent turbo-diesel in this truck, it would be just about perfect. This machine will not be on my shopping list anytime soon, but I would find a spot for it in my fantasy home 10-car garage. Wouldn’t you?

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