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Friday, December 2, 2011

Volkswagen Golf R

As I’ve stated before, I love VW’s GTI. The car is light and compact but with roomy interior. It offers very good handling, grip, just about perfect steering, strong brakes and excellent driving position. What’s not to like?

Now VW is bringing an even better Golf version to Canada - the Golf R. The main improvements on the new car versus the standard GTI are the all-wheel drive system, much bigger and stronger brakes, special seats and the 256 HP 4-cylinder direct injection turbo motor. Previous generations of the R had the V6 engine, and while it had more power and torque than the 4-cylinder engines at the time, it also made the car nose-heavy and relatively unbalanced.

The new car comes to Canada one way only; four door hatch, manual transmission with leather and a navigation system as standard equipment. MSRP is $41,040 (including Freight). Expensive, but with only 500 units coming to Canada, exclusivity is ensured. I’ll take mine in Rising Blue Metallic.

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