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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Traffic signals

You want proof we are being treated like children when it comes to traffic management?
Let’s take a look at a specific example. In many heavily populated jurisdictions outside of North America traffic signals at intersections operate differently than ours. Not only there is no “dead” phase when all the lights are red, but drivers waiting at a red light get an advanced warning when the light is about to turn green. A yellow signal goes on together with the red for a short period of time, so drivers can get ready to go.
Our traffic signals? The light goes from green to yellow, then red and then green. There is also a “dead” phase when the signals in both directions are red. This is designed with safety in mind, of course. Drivers know this and often take chances by running late yellows and reds. The problem is the yellow and the “dead” phases vary greatly in length. In effect we've trained drivers that it’s OK to run red lights. When the problem gets out of control, we install red light cameras at intersections. Common sense and safety? Hardly.

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